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ALRI Pro-Anabol
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ALR Industries has designed what may well be the premiere safe and truly effective pro-anabolic for both men and women. With Pro-Anabol we are setting the standard yet again.

Everyone in the supplement industry and the athletic community at large have been looking for the next so-called “pro-hormone replacement.” Big surprise there, huh?

Pro-hormones of the past were so effective that looking for something as good or better has become a bit of an obsession.

Did ALR Industries Make a Pro-Hormone Replacement? >Nope, we built a better mouse trap instead…as always. Mediocrity sucks, so we are always on a quest to do better than before. Why accept anything except for being the top dog? Okay… Who didn’t like the muscle gains seen during cycles of the more powerful pro-hormone products? Problem is that there were way too many side affects in the negative category:

  • HPTA shut-down (raisin nuts…Honey I shrunk “the boys”)
  • Masculinization of females (not cool)
  • Aromatization to estrogen (gyno)
  • Negative effects upon cholesterol

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ALRI Pro-Anabol Reviews & Ratings

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  1. Reviewed by: DriverDan on Apr 22nd, 2010
    Value For Money44444
    Overall Rating44444

    DriverDan's Comments:

    See my 4 week review below:

    Week 1
    Metallic taste in mouth. Decided it was excess iron from multi, switched to one w/o iron. Taste went away.
    Mind-muscle connection (MMC) with lats improved. Lats feel fuller.
    Muscles feel full all day, much more than normal.

    Week 2
    Increased vascularity on right bicep.
    Delt strength significantly improved.
    Pumps and muscle fullness are excellent, way above normal.
    Seem to need less sleep than normal.
    Increase in body acne.
    Measurable and visible increase in muscle size.

    Week 3
    Decrease diet a little below maintenance.
    Start Jungle Warfare.
    Despite lower carbs and decreased reps, pumps and muscle fullness still excellent.
    MMC continues to improve.

    Week 4
    Increase diet back above maintenance.
    Lethargy for a few days. Gone by the end of the week. Most likely from JW, not PA.
    Strength and hypertrophy continue to increase.

    Overall, great product, I would definitely use again

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