Fat Loss Supplement Reviews

We’ve made it easy to find reviews on the supplements you need for you particular goal. On this page you’ll find links to reviews for products that are designed to help you burn fat and lose weight.

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Protein Powder Reviews

Fat Burners

Fat burning supplements are designed to help you burn fat faster. There are different types of fat burning supplements available including; thermogenic, stimulant-free and appetite suppressants. Many fat burners work to both suppress appetite and increase fat loss. Remember, there are no silver bullets! Fat burners can work, but you need to have a goo diet & workout.

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Meal Replacement Reviews

Meal Replacements

Meal replacement products are designed to be a healthy (and low calorie) alternative to a regular meal or snack. Generally, meal replacements are high in protein, low in fat and low in carbs. This makes them ideal to replace a calorie heavy meal, or afternoon snack.

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Energy Boosters

Energy boosting supplements are used for fat loss for 2 reasons. Firstly, they can give you the extra energy you need to train harder (thus burn more fat). Secondly, they can help give you all-day energy you need when you’re eating a low calorie diet (calorie deficit).

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Protein Powder Reviews

Protein Supplements

Protein is essential for anyone trying to burn fat. Protein raises your metabolism and helps you maintain muscle mass which can be easily lost when on a calorie deficit. Protein supplements can be used to recover from training or as a meal replacement. For the lowest calorie protein, look for whey protein isolate – that’s the purest form of protein!

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Diuretic (Water Loss) Reviews

Diuretic (Water Loss)

Diuretics are not fat loss supplements, they’re water loss supplements. Diuretics are used by models, bodybuilders and athletes to drop water weight quickly before photo shoots and competitions.

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Vitamin Reviews

Vitamins & Minerals

A good multi-vitamin is essential no matter what your goal. But when you’re trying to cut it’s even more important as you’re missing out on vital nutrients you’d usually get from food.

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