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USPlabs Super Cissus RX
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Super Cissus RX is a reformulated and stronger version of the very popular Cissus RX by USP Labs. The differnence between Cissus RX and Super Cissus RX is that Super Cissus RX contains 10% of the active extract whereas Cissus RX contained 5%.

Cissus Quadrangularis has been a staple of traditional Indian medicine for centuries. USPlabs researchers discovered the power of this unique herbal remedy and have now made it available to Western athletes and bodybuilders, no rx or anyone else who wants to support healthy muscle and bone.* Super Cissus RX unique blend of vitamins, pills minerals, there and plant sterol compounds not only support healthy muscle and bone, but actually helps deliver nutrients to tendons.*

The key ingredient in SuperCissus RX™, Cissus Quadrangularis:

  • Has anti-glucocorticoidal action – Corticoids are hormones destructive to all tissue types!
  • Contains compounds that may work to promote tendon and ligament health.
  • Inhibits the proliferation of cytokines, the signaling molecules that can promote painful tissue destruction!
  • Is Shellfish-free.
  • Has been used for centuries in Ayruvedic system.
  • Does not contain glucosamine, choindroitin or msm.
  • Is Stimulant-Free
  • IS NOT directly listed on the following lists: NCAA Banned-Drug Classes 2008-09 and World Anti-doping Code Prohibited List 2009

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USPlabs Super Cissus RX Reviews & Ratings

7 Reviews of USPlabs Super Cissus RX Have Been Posted

  1. Reviewed by: DHallCrasher on May 22nd, 2009
    Value For Money55555
    Overall Rating55555

    DHallCrasher's Comments:

    joints started to hurt, especially in my right leg. not too happy bout that cause i love my workouts. guy at the store told me to take super cisccus and it got me to move on and i’m going 2 months now pain free and working out like i used to. this stuff is the real deal!

  2. Reviewed by: FlySwatta on Oct 1st, 2009
    Value For Money55555
    Overall Rating55555

    FlySwatta's Comments:

    I play a lot of street basketball on asphalt so my knees take a pounding every night. I woke up one morning and could barely even get out of bed, my knees were aching so bad! I did some research on the web and ended up choosing SuperCissus as my joint supplement. Ever since then, I’m ballin’ up a storm. My knees feel great, my strength is back and my knees feel more flexible and fluid than ever. Good stuff!

  3. Reviewed by: Carson Johnson on Feb 9th, 2010
    Value For Money55555
    Overall Rating55555

    Carson Johnson's Comments:

    i bought supercissus and i heard about it from a friend and he had said it basically helps rebuild your joints if youve got a bad knee or what not, helps rehab your joints basically. it has helped be run longer since i run marathons about 3 times a year and it seriously helps me alot!! i recovered from a bad knee in less then week drinking this stuff…plus the taste isnt bad at all!

  4. Reviewed by: ratloot on May 3rd, 2010
    Value For Money11111
    Overall Rating11111

    ratloot's Comments:

    with the “loading phase” you use an entire bottle in half a month. thats not too cool. it never seemed to do the trick for me, pain never got better. I wanna try PrimaForce cissus

  5. Reviewed by: Mozza on May 7th, 2010
    Value For Money44444
    Overall Rating44444

    Mozza's Comments:

    Great Product. I found this product through word of mouth from a Chiro who suggested it to me after I had a bout of Golfers Elbow . Whithin 2-3 weeks after starting on the SuperCissus, I noticed a marked improvement in the pain in my elbow. And within 2 months, I was pain free and playing golf again. I’ve tried glucosamine and condroitin. But, they pale compared to the immediate reaction I got from USPLabs Super Cissus

  6. Reviewed by: ironpit on Jul 7th, 2010

    ironpit's Comments:

    Have’nt taken this product so I didn’t think it would be fair to rate it but I have taken Animal Flex and can say it is the best. Animal Flex is The Best flex support available, it is alot of pills but it works wonders. Animal Flex gets 5/5 on every field. Just a superior joint and ligament support.

  7. Reviewed by: dustin44 on Dec 18th, 2010

    dustin44's Comments:

    My wife has bad knees. She’s been taking the Dr Powers Joint Support + Vitamin B12 for 45 days. She said that she could tell a difference after about three weeks, the pain seemed to be less. The tablets are easy for her to swallow and she has trouble swallowing a number of pills.

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